Anti-Police Abuse Demos Nationally, Freedom Sleepout #54 Locally

Date Tuesday July 19

Time 5:00 PM – 8:00 AM

Location Details At the usual center of “get out of town” enforcement against the poor and homeless–Santa Cruz City Hall at 809 Center St. between Locust and Church.

Event Type Protest

Organizer/AuthorKeith McHenryEmailkeith [at]

Phone 575-770-3377


Another night of providing (relatively) safe space for unhoused folks on the sidewalk against the City’s 11 PM to 8:30 AM Sleeping Ban.

Another night of showcasing the City’s hostility to basic services to the poor (closed restrooms at night, security guards snitching on sleepers to police, police rousting people at night but giving them nowhere legal to sleep).

Another night of calling on the community to stand up to the torture of Sleep Deprivation in Santa Cruz and explode the “most progressive City” myth.

Another night of solidarity against police and vigilante abuse city-wide to those in poor, whether outside or in vehicles.

Another night of providing a brief community space for those who gather around the food and drink (sparsely) provided by Food Not Bombs and JumboGumbo Joe Schultz.

Another night of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters and local protests like Curtis Reliford’s local “Follow Your Heart” demonstrations.

For homeless updates and reports on last week’s SleepOut, go to and click on the links under Lost Show 7/17/2016 .

Interested folks might also consider signing the petition and considering Direct Action support for UCSC campers at .

Bring video, friends, blankets, and high spirits.

This notice prepared by Robert Norse and reflects his perspective (and likely those of others!)