Back from the Boonies! HUFF meets tomorrow at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe 9-27.

The usual Sub Rosa Cafe 11 AM meeting at 703 Pacific tomorrow (Wednesday September 27) is back.

On the agenda: What to do when the new “liberal” police chief moves on the Post Office Survival Sleepers on October 1st…Preparing a defense for the Stay-Away Stupidity which intensifies on October 12th…implications of the new Unreasonably Disturbing Noise ordinance voted into law at City Council Tuesday…and a few surprises…

A description of the nasty law expanded police selective enforcement powers can be found at (“Stacked Deck Stay-Away Law Expansion Promises More Pain for Poor Outside“)   If you’d like to help review the Public Records (still not fully disclosed) and/or help fight the Stay-Away orders as they are individually levied on homeless folks, contact Food Not Bombs  or HUFF  (numbers below).  Let these folks know if you or anyone you know has recently been given a Stay-Away order along with an Infraction ticket, particularly if it’s for longer than 24 hours (or 72 hours after October 12th when the new expanded law goes into effect).

Also please report conditions in San Lorenzo Park and around the Post Office.  
If you abhor meetings and wish to work on Public Records, Help compile accounts of Police/Ranger abuses, Monitor the new Library Rules, and/or Assist in getting interviews for Free Radio broadcasts or You-Tube Postings, contact Bathrobespierre Robert at 831-423-4833.  Activists around Food Not Bombs and the Freedom Sleepers are also looking for help gathering volunteers for the support meals on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday as well as folks who want to help homeless harassed with citations for Being Visibly Homeless.  Contact them at 575-770-3377