Bathrobespiere’s Broadsides radio show streams tonight (8-22-19) at 6 PM at Updates from Federal Court and the Ross Camp Remains as well as An Extensive Alicia Kuhl Briefing

$300 REWARD for info leading to a 10′ X 10′ Free Radio Santa Cruz studio space.

We need access to a bathroom, internet, and electricity.–either indoors or out (we’ll build a structure if necessary).

We’re also seeking a transmitter space where we can put up an antenna–a backyard, a multistory home, a high tree–help us spread the word.   

Tonight’s show streams at and archives at
On tonight’s show:
  • “Alliances Now!” Alicia Kuhl Discusses the Latest Ross Camp Court Appearance, and a Proposed Boycott of Bigots Posting Anti-Homeless Violence Calls on Facebook
  • Attorney and Activist Anthony Prince Reviews the Day’s Court Victory for the Ross Roughriders
  • Latest “Use of Force” Reform on California’s Police Department’s Illusory Victory?

                     (shorter than usual because of time spent in court in San Jose today)