Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 6-14-20 is now archived and described on line: Flood of Interviews: Kuhl, McHenry, Aguirre, Dreamcatcher, Merryweather, Graham, White, and Denney Flashback to January 29, 2004

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***  2nd Half of “Kick-Ass” Kuhl’s Interview on Outside Legal and Lifestruggle Matters*** “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry Sketches the Scene from the Daily Survival Center*** “Rest Easy” Robert Aguirre Pinpoints Problems and Prospects in San Jose***  Yuppies Move on SF Tenderloin Sidewalk Survivors; Activists Shout Back:  ‚Äč

***  Vignettes from Pacific Ave. with A Vendor Voice, Dreamcatcher, and Merryweather Mike

***  “Scope It Out” Scott Graham Deconstructs “Puff ‘n Posture” Police Chief Andy Mills Q & A Session

*** “Whip ’em Into Shape” Wes White Reviews Salinas Outsiders Under the Pandemic

***  Rage Rocks City Council’s “One Minute Only” Oral Communications Period (6-9)

*** “Cornerstone” Carol Denney Zeroes in on Breaking the Berkeley Bastille

FLASHBACK TO the January 29, 2004 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show–When Free Radio was in Full Flower

      ^^^  1-28 Joe & the Street Strummers…Black Street Spiritualist Jason Paschal Accosted for Medical Marijuana…Cosmic Chris Ducking the Dick Tracys

      ^^^  Tuneful Mike True on new organization SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression)

      ^^^  Mathew and Pregnant Wife Expelled from Homeless (Lack of) Services Center (now”Housing Matters”)

      ^^^  Steve Argue and Norse Review Sgt. “Sticky Fingers” Butchie (Loren) Baker’s SCPD Record

      ^^^  Bashful Bernard Klitzner Weighs in on the Council’s Condition

      ^^^  Attorney Catnip Kate Wells vs Decorum Dogma on Allowed Speech at City Council

      ^^^  Roadside Rapper Kevin Metz, Alpha, & Glee; Music on Shamisen

      ^^^  Millie the Van Dweller Pushing Petitions for Pay;

      ^^^  Native American Flautist Daniel Johnson Driven Away by St. George residents above Bookshop
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