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City Council continues to defy the demands of the Community regarding police defunding to curb police violence, discrimination, homeless harassment, and overspending.  It had NOTHING on its agenda regarding shifting funds to non-violent alternatives and has no scheduled budget hearings on the bloated police budget or anything else–things being left in the hands of the City Manager and staff.  While the library scam was delayed for several weeks thanks to community pressure, the Transportation and Public Works Commission’s 5-2 vote supporting Alicia Kuhl’s independent safe RV parking group was overturned by a 6-1 vote after a bigoted narrative in an organized well-spoken hate-the-homeless Take Back Santa Cruz-themed campaign without any statistical substantiation from police or discussion of the Commission’s vote.

The D.A. and the SCPD have still not dropped inflated and groundless charges against MARTY MIRABEL (“PIRATE”) for defending his friend Ben’s vehicular home from a massive police raid in violation of CDC “shelter-in-place” guidelines.   After a gang of nearly a dozen officers surrounded him and slammed Marty to the ground, police continue to cite and harass Ben in spite of the CDC requirements and the Martin v. Boise decision prohibiting such official terrorism.  No new news on this situation
Expanded motel access for some of the vulnerable homelessness hasn’t stopped Assistant City Mangler Susie O’Hara and her loyal confederate Megan Bunch from spreading their standard stories about “shelter alternatives” that do not either meaningfully or physically exist for folks being displaced.  Rather there are waiting lists and unhealthy group shelters (for some).  Food to those in the few hotels made available is reportedly being cut back.  There are no protected areas set aside for the toxic air quality alerts, the smoke danger, and cooling functions–particularly impactful of those outside, and of the broader community–given the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dangerous COVID-19 vulnerable group shelters at the Vet’s Hall, Armory, “Housing Smatters” Paul Lee Loft, and Laurel St. continue to be the main “go to” for police”  as a warehousing “alternative” when they threaten the visually “undesireable” outdoor camps. 

Those camps–in the Pogonip, along and under Hiway 1, along the levee, continue to be starved of resources like porapotties, wash stations, and trash pick-up’s and are now under threat of removal.  City Mangler Martin Bernal’s Bumbuster Police, Rangers, and Public Works crews seem to be removing or reducing previous COVID-19 “emergency” accommodations in defiance of public health needs.   Encampments along the San Lorenzo pathway near the Broadway bridge and along Hiway 1 at River St.  which multiplied exponentially after the City and County created more refugees by displacing the larger Benchlands encampment with their own show County-run encampment there. 

No indication that vendors on Beach St. have been invited to resume their family-sustaining sidewalk businesses down near the Boardwalk.

​    ***  Black Day: The Breonna Taylor Cover-Up:

***  ReImagine Santa Cruz video:

***  McHenry’s Musings–the Alarming Update from the Vicar of Vegetables: City EvictionMasters at Work

***  City Clowncil Antics: Public Scorn Fends Off the Library Burial; Alicia Kuhl’s RV Fenced Out
***  Anton Hunter of the Seaside “Robert’s Beach” Refugees–a Sharp Update

FLASHBACK TO January 10, 1992 at Berkeley’s People’s Park where workers chopping paths there
***  Linda “the Lark” Edwards and “Bathrobespierre” Robert grill People’s Park gentrifiers.
***  Videojournalist William and street vendor “Jackhammer” John Vance correct the official narrative.
***  Tom, former 1985 Santa Cruz activists, describes why some fall away from street homeless activism***  Alicia of East Bay Food Not Bombs on the trials of trying to build a user-developed bathroom in many prior attempts & other University attacks on community-created structures in the Park.
***  Don, Manager Community Services, and Steve Paskowitz, Poverty Pimp (i.e. Program Manager of $1 million+) on the Berkeley Health & Human  “services” (200 beds for 400 homeless) on “improving” the park
***  Andrea Prichard of Copwatch on being attacked by police clubs while trying to complain to then-Police Chief Dash Butler, few complaints sustained by Police Review Commission

FLASHBACK TO January 28, 1992 Harry Lee Curtis interviewing Bathrobespierre Robert Norse on HUFF &
SPAN (Stop Police Abuse Now!)

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Act Locally or Regret Later

  • Vote (if you choose) for local candidates who oppose the dominant anti-homeless narrative (Alicia Kuhl was recently endorsed by HUFF), but don’t expect them to take real action which, as ever, will be coming from those outside and those who support them on the streets.
  • Stand with Food Not Bombs as they resist the latest City Manager-initiated attack on their vital COVID-19 Survival Station at Laurel and Front.
  • Demand NO SWEEPS OF THE HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS without real alternatives.
  • Support Survival Camp Resisters demanding police respect CDC guidelines and Martin v. Boise
  • Full resources for ALL homeless whether inside or outside the County’s Containment Camp !
  • Check out HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) now meeting Wednesday 11 AM in the courtyard of the Sub Rosa Cafe at 703 Pacific next to the Bike Church.