Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-22-23 will be available as an archive and netcast at 9:30 AM: Follow-Up HUFF interchange on next steps after the Mountain Resource protest; Pro-Assange Belmarsh Tribunal Weighs Evidence

On the 1-22-23 show:

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-19-23 covers the Mountain Community Resources Center protest and recent conversations at the Town Clock

The January 19th Show includes:

  • [1-17] Titanium-tongued Tony Mendanza on recent roustabouts with law enforcement lunacy.
  • Birdsong Whitebeard on the view from the Food Not Bombs free clothing table after the rain.
  • More parking lot punishment— reports Threadbare Theodore
  • [1-18] Harvey West Hangout Report from GreyStevens, Mickie Sabzar, and Spanky.
  • [1-19] Moving on the Mountain Resource Center’s renegade roust policies: Kara, long-time Felton resident, gives her view
  • Volunteer Food Line worker Shelly’s perspective.
  • Anonymous report of a S.C. homeless death in the library
  • Perspectives on the protest: Rita, Dave, Anonymous
  • Inside the MRC in search of answers—still looking.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-15-23 features a proposed Protest Against Felton’s Mountain Resource Center in the Works. December 20, 2012 Flashback recalls 14th Homeless Memorial

On the 1-15-2023 Show:

  • “Heartstrong” Helga has a wrangle of a conversation with Bathrobespierre Robert about recent incidents of anti-homeless discrimination at the Mountain Resources Center in Felton.
  • Looking back on the 1-10 Santa Cruz Shitty Council meeting with new 4-year Mayor “Fast Lane” Fred Keeley and his authoritarian style
  • “Scope it Out” Scott Graham reviews the Council wreckage.
  • Brief squeaks of outrage and rationality from Steve, Hector, Joyh, Sabina, and Abbi during the token 1-10 Oral Communications period
  • Silence from City Mangler Huffaker on the Shelter scandal:
  • Rainy day news and blues from Katzenjammer Keith McHenry [1-11]
  • Food Not Bombs fusillades from Alice & “Grok It” Greg.
  • Preview of the Flashback from Bathrobespierre Robert

  • The December 20th, 2012 Flashback includes:
  • [Bits from The Capital Steps comedy troupe throughout]
  • Piercing the veil of the Poverty-pimpster and Politician-packed 14th Homeless Memorial
  • Homeless [Lack of] Service Center [HLOSC] rules
  • The names and ages of the homeless dead over the last 20 years
  • Memorial notes from a skeptical observer & interviews with: Larry Bordeau
  • Vets report
  • Mama Joy McCorkle’s “Cause of Death” poem
  • Nearly audible encomiums by Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, Dead-on David Silva, and Silver-tongued Steve Pleich
  • Fact-flee-er Phil Kramer avoids saying many actually housed by HLOSC
  • A tearful Kalalia Guard (aka “Stormy”) mourns those not mentioned
  • B. Johnson totals up the homeless death total; D. Silva on Billy’s death
  • [11-26] Red Church Ravings: Jonathan on police doubleparking
  • “Freedom” and her copwatcher report
  • Rick Stipes report on his indecent exposure & camping ticket trials
  • Mainstream media covers the Homeless Bill of Rights protest interviewing Razor Ray, Mama Shannon, Tom, Julie Schaul + family, Ralph
  • The small City of Felton has no Winter shelter and its Mountain Resource Center 6134 Hiway 9 (across from Rite-Aid) has been accused of driving people out into rainy weather during the last three weeks.  An informational flyering and protest is planned for Felton at 10 AM Thursday December 20th.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-12-23 is a Flashback from February 12, 2003 featuring the trial of Becky Johnson for political chalking on the sidewalk

In the February 12, 2003 Flashback:

  • Street Interviews: Raymond and Samantha get accosted by Officer Brandt for Open Container and Camping; remarks about Armory Shelter living;
  • Sherry Conable’s account of musician Thomas Siles being driven away by Farmer’s Market “managers”
  • Sometime co-host Jeffrey Gale on his struggle to press Mayor Reilly to use the spacious Civic Center Auditorium for a City Council anti-war vote and to persuade conservative KSCO radio to broadcast the Council meeting on the issue.
  • “Beggarbacker” Becky Johnson on her arrest with Tim Rinker for political protest with erasable chalk on the sidewalk against the anti-homeless Downtown Ordinances.  See also
  • Paleo-Free Radio trailblazer Trailblazer Tom Rebele offers Johnson legal support.
  • Bathrobespierre dissects the draw-and-quartering of the Citizens Police Review Board and its replacement with a coopted Police Auditor

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-8-23 headlines: City Mangler closes Emergency Civic Shelter & More! Flashback features artists Alex and Joff, Nick Voliach, Carol Denney, Tom Noddy, & Keith McHenry

City Manager Matt Huffaker’s latest attack on homeless health and safety is described at (Santa Cruz City Mangler Closes Civic Auditorium Closes Civic Auditorium)

The 1-8-23 Show includes:

The May 8, 2016 Flashback Show includes:

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-5-23 is mainly a Flashback from November 8, 2007

LATE FLASH:  The Civic Center Flooding and Wet Weather Emergency Pop-Up Shelter—open for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights—is reportedly closing down in spite of 8″ of predicted rain by Monday.  A worker reports that folks were ousted at 9 AM on the order of the new Mayor (Fred Keeley), some still unable to secure their property indoors, though staff are within denying entrance (as of 1 p.m. Saturday). 
There is no indication that the Civic will reopen as emergency shelter in time for torrential rains predicted for early next week (as well as showers through the weekend)
So, the City is spending money harassing homeless folks in the rain (see below) but refuses to extend Civic Auditorium shelter in spite of flood conditions. 
City homeless funding is still unaccounted for. 
City shelter programs are inaccessible to the majority of those outside. 
Now, as for the last few years, there has been no drop-in winter shelter as in past years.The City has refused to fund Brent Adams’ Footbridge Services—causing the only free storage program in town to shut down along with his laundry, women’s support, and other daily services.
To comment on this harsh but typical policy, contact City Mangler Matt Huffaker at or the new Santa Cruz Mayor “Fast Lane'”Fred Keeley
at .

On the Thursday netshow described below there is also a brief interview with Arnie, a Civic Center Shelter occupant on Wednesday night, who reports he was harassed and directed to move along twice by police in the rain, and even threatened when under the parking garage shelter (“be gone by 8”).

In the November 8, 2007 Flashback:

  • Bathrobespierre Robert fires “where can the homeless go during the possibly toxic Light Brown Apple Moth spraying” to then-Councilmember Tony Madrigal.  Madrigal, to his credit, was out tabling, giving out masks, and expressing public concern about the spraying (also opposed by the City Council).  However, he had no particular interest in pressing publicly for shelter from the spraying—even in the parking garages.
  • Callers express their outrage and provide updates.  Among them “Dangerous John” Thielking, Visionsong Valerie Christy, Skidmark Bob Duran, Mad but Mindful Maddison, and others.
  • President Bush’s boys defend waterboarding, a bit of its history.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 1-1-23 will be available as an archive at 9:30 AM: Berkeley’s Cornerstone Carol, Santa Cruz’s Katzenjammer Keith, the HUFF gang, and more!

On the 1-1-23 show: 

  • A few new laws for 2023:
  • “Caught but Carefree” Keith McHenry on his 12-27 “serving food out of the rain in Public parking lot #10” arrest by SCPD Officer Denise Cockrum and his subsequent powwow with Top Cop Escalante & more
  • SC Homeless Union acolyte Shane Braden (aka Casper) on police problems for doing push-up’s at the Metro
  • Roxray the Bestboy Hanton on a racially motivated stop or two and some tattoo checks by curious cops
  • Joe, Dreamcatcher, Drew, and an anonymous videoster on Cockrum’s timely handcuffing of McHenry for unauthorized use of public space in the rain.
  • Cornerstone Carol Denney on Mayor Arreguin’s betrayal of his progressive fans in the class war against the poor
  • Sharpheart Suzanne brings up the case of wheelchair Steve “exited” from Housing (Funding) Matters
  • The unexpurgated HUFF meeting from 1-1-2023 (long)

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Net Radio Show for 12-29-22 will stream and be available as an archive by 6 PM today: The show runs 2 hours and Flashes Back to December 21, 2006

Included in the December 21, 2006 show: 

Nick, who lost his Marine sister in Iraq by car bomb, sits on Pacific Avenue with a “testing human kindness” sign against the Iraq war.

Jeremy Alderson of the Annual Homelessness Marathon critiques Poverty Pimps on Coalition Boards.

Fresno homeless activist & survivor Pamela Kincaid reports on fighting for survival against the Fresno Police Department 

Fresno Community Alliance Journalist and activist Michael Rhodes on legal successes against those bulldozing the homeless there

S.C. Chief Ranger Wallace’s abusive ticketing record revealed;

Activist Becky Johnson calls in reading Presiding Judge Morse’s 11-14-06 order setting a new civil collection process for Failures to Appear on infractions

$2520: the cost to get Public Records on Sleeping Tickets!

Scotts Valley City Council’s 2nd and Final Reading of its Homeless Camping Ban

Norse on Scotts Valley Police Chief John Weiss

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides features The Santa Cruz Homeless Dead 2022 and a Flashback to June 17, 2012

On the 12-25-22 show:

  • 12-21 Bathrobespierre surveys the Service Providers Homeless Memorial.  See
  • [12-16] Dr. Bill Adamsky on metermaid meddling and the free Humanistic Ontology Institute
  • [12-20] Brandon Gonzales on his year-long struggle with the D.A., psychatric authorities, and the police. 
  • [12-20] Bartender Jake on post-meal problems from the homeless at the Food Not Bombs meal
  • [12-20] Other voices in the FNB vicinity: Lee Ivy, Pam, & Joe (another death Andy Davis at age 80)
  • “Still smilin'” Suzanne on Shelters and Homeless Pet Companion problems

Flashback to 6-17-12 show:

  • Mia Della Rosa and Devon on Mia’s expulsion for helping wheelchair Steve shower + positive staff stuff at the Homeless [Lack of] Services Center
  • Reports of homeless folks being banned from the Shannon Collins memorial
  • Brian on his bike journey from Eugene.

  • “Lighthouse Linda” Lemaster & Steve Pleich on Gary Johnson’s refusal to accept probation for sleepcrime on a bench and appealing her “illegal lodging” conviction. 
  • Andrea Morgan on her conversation with Mayor Don Lane about lack of disabled services.
  • Arden on police and official efforts to drive the Jabberwock sundries store out of the downtown.  
  • Shawn on harassment for signature gathering in front of New Leaf Market
  • Tom, alcoholic but attempted defender of Shannon Collins as she was being stabbed, later denied access to her memorial.

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Net Radio Show for 12-22-22. The show is a Flashback to March 16, 2017 featuring Abbi Samuels and Keith McHenry on the expanding Freedom Sleepers cause

This Flashback show to March 16, 2017 includes:

Increasing numbers extend the Tuesday Freedom Sleeper protest at City Hall to the following nights—report by Keith McHenry and Abbi Samuels.

Abbi Samuels covers court consequences to F.S. cites.

Wes and Dread on the Salinas Chinatown Crackdown.

Forbidden Fence Rises at the main Santa Cruz Post Office: Interviews with Julie S, Tim R., Roberta, Michele B, Isaac C., Keith M. and others.