Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides archived today & netcast 9:30 AM-3 PM today July 19, 2020 covering defund police actions in Santa Cruz and homeless resistance in Seaside plus 11-22-91 Flashback to anti-Police Violence Forum

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The next City Council meeting (unless they announce a sudden 24-hour- notice-only “Special” session again as they did on July 2nd) will be the second Tuesday in August.  This–without extensive public protest will likely be a public-excluded (unless you have a tv or computer) meeting, again largely ignoring the Defund the Police demands made repeatedly at the last three Council sessions by an overwhelming majority of those calling in.  It’s likely only strong visible loud public protests may get the Council (and more important–the City’s) attention.   Look for announced protest times on line and from those you know.  FOLKS WILL BE GATHERING TOMORROW JULY 20TH AT 9 PM AT TOWN CLOCK FOR A DEFUND-THE-POLICE RALLY & DIRECT DIALOGUE WITH ALL POLITICIANS & POLICE WHO WANT TO ATTEND.


***  Lots of History and Less “What Do We Do Now?” Interview with John Malkin, author, musician, SC activist around community control of police and non-violence as a road forward.

***  “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry 7-17 Report on Marty the Pirate Assault and Kidnapping by the SCPD as Marty struggled to defend a homeless man’s vehicular home.  Video at

***  “Barracuda Mama” Alicia Kuhl Runs For City Council–the Pros and the Cons

***  “Whip ‘Em Into Shape” Wes White Update 1 (7-14) on Robert’s Lake Survival Encampment in Seaside

***  Covering Up the Sean Monterrosa Murder–Vallejo Police Department in Action:

***  Sunday 7-18 at the Town Clock with a Youthful Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Murder Protest

*** Wes White Update 2 (7-16) on Seaside’s Planned Demolition of Robert’s Lake Encampment

***  Keith McHenry on the Sunday BLM protest and a Preview of Tomorrow’s “Hold the Council Criminals Accountable” Gathering at the Town Clock 9 PM

FLASHBACK to SPAN (Stop Police Abuse Now!) FORUM

November 22, 1991.

*** Irish Bryan (of Sara and Bryan), whose trial testimony began the aborted investigation of the since-sanctified SCPD Officer Loren “Butchie” ‘Sticky Fingers’ Baker whose abuse of women and homeless people had a long herstory.

*** Introduction and Moderation by “Nutcracker” Nick Whitehead, compiler of SPAN accounts of local police abuse.*** Berkeley attorney and Berkeley Police Review Commissioner Osha Neumann on their struggling board

*** Then-attorney Ray Glock-Gruneich on his struggle against sheriff and police misconduct here*** Individual accounts including  “Stand Up”Sara Hillman, “Loud Mouth” Leith Austin (aka Rainbow Lite) & others

*** Music by “Music for the Many” Mark Levy

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