Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides hops back to 2014 to warn against the “Box in the Artists” Blue Boxes Downtown 6-8 PM on 101.3 FM and

 Flashback to November 6, 2014.  The show has my discussion of the “Dots for Dodos” as I call the Performance Pens, or “Blue Boxes”  set up on Pacific Avenue to restrict performers, vendors, tablers, and others with a “display device” then proposed by Council Public Space Abolitionists Don Lane and Pamela Comstock.  With a “Vanish the Vendors” ordinance coming up at City Council on May 10th–the discussion is particularly relevant.

There are also plenty of street interviews along with commentary from “Catch-Her-If-You-Can” Katie.   
None of the times mentioned for meetings and other events are current, of course.

The show broadcasts at 101.3 FM and streams on the internet at at 6-8 PM (May 5th).  It will archive at