Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast 9:30 AM-3 PM today October 25 & archived later in the day, Benchlands Voices & Much More Flashbacks to newsclips and interviews from 1991 on the creation of a Town Clock to drive away the homeless and a Peace

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When will the Benchlands City-County campground, which many residents have found helpful, be forced to move?   Who knows?  Authorities apparently aren’t telling residents.  Same with the smaller (but still well-populated) campground above the Benchlands near the Lawn Bowling area.  There are also concerns with the Felker St. camp near the former Camp Paradise location behind the cemetery. 

Further rubberstamping of City Mangler Martin Bernal’s plan to once more fence off the Town Clock and surrounding areas to make them hostile to homeless survival campers comes before City Council Tuesday October 27th at the 2:15 PM session.  The “Bury the Library under a Parking Garage” boondoggle comes up at 7 PM.  Oral Communications on other topics not on the agenda is at 5:30 PM.  There are NO proposals on the agenda to actually provide badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services to the campgrounds whose presence belies the “Housing Smidgeons” sign on Hiway 1, that lie about the “success” of the former Homeless (Lack of) Services Center at 115 Coral St.
To “join” the City Council meeting by Zoom–particularly hard for those outside with limited phone resources–
Call any of these numbers If one is busy, try the next one.  1-833-548-0282 (Toll Free)   1-877-853-5247 (Toll Free)   1-888-788-0099 (Toll Free)   1-669-900-9128   1-346-248-77991-3Enter the meeting ID number: 928 2917 3723     When prompted for a Participant ID, press #.  Press *9 on your phone to “raise your hand” when the Mayor calls for public comment.DON’T EXPECT CITY COUNCIL TO RESPOND FAVORABLY TO ANY HOMELESS CIVIL RIGHTS OR EXPANDED SERVICES QUESTIONS NOR TO POLICE DEFUNDING. 

While a small number are temporarily in the safer motel shelter, most of the “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters are full with waiting lists.  

The Pogonip camps continue to be blocked off and bulldozed.  Those along hiway 1 continue to be starved of resources like portapotties, wash stations, and other basics.     Encampments along the San Lorenzo pathway near the Broadway bridge and along Hiway 1 at River St.  multiplied exponentially after the City and County created more refugees by displacing the larger Benchlands encampment with their own show County-run encampment there.  There are no provisions for providing decent facilities for those camps as fall turns to winter.

City Mangler Bernal’s Emergency Edict, habitually rubberstamped extends the September ban on vendors on Beach St. while the County authorities invite Boardwalk area businesses to resume their sidewalk crowd-drawing activities near the Boardwalk and unmasked tourists continue to be invited to crowd beaches, the Boardwalk, and the “no vendors allowed” sidewalks.

XXX  Interview with Emi, unhoused protection and diplomacy, on his new organization NOMAD, planning a Felker camp weenie roast next Saturday, time and place TBA. XXX  Hard Times in L.A.
XXX  Democrats Abandon Single “Me Too” Standard in Tara Reade Accusations against Joe Biden ( Warning–Fox News is reporting)
XXX  Benchlands Broadsides–Voices from the Lawn Bowling Adjacent Tent Encampment: Cooper, Serena, David, Dreamcatcher
XXX  “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry goes into quarantine for possible COVID-19 and subsequently announced a memorial/protest at the City Hall meeting 2 PM in honor of Desiree Quintero opposing City Manager Martin Bernal’s Executive Decrees targeting unhoused survival camps and Food Not Bombs.
XXX  “Scope it Out” Scott Graham Reviews the Wretched Prospects for Tuesday’s City Council Meeting–involving Consent Item #9 (the subject of McHenry’s Tuesday protest above) and the Evening “Bury the Library Under a Multi-Storied Parking Lot” Agenda Item.
XXX   Michele Critiques the Armory Shelter XXX   “Speak Out” Satya and Some Discussion of the Anti-Maskers of Santa Cruz
XXX  John Malkin interviews Joy-and-Jubilation African-American Activist Curtis Reliford on his recent run-in with a racist roughneck XXX  Former Freedom Sleeper Phil Posner reports on his recent Bagels-on-Bikes round-the-city.

xxx  late December 1991–KDBQ’s “Liberal” Larry Johnson Interviews “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster, “Back Channel” Barnaby, and “Bathrobespierre Robert” on splits among homeless civil rightsters as well as exploding liberal stereotypes about local unhoused folks
xxx  12-18-91 UCSC Cops Assault Forest (“Elfland”) Defender and KSBW TV cameraman in peaceful protest
xxx   Spring 1991:  Bathrobespierre to KSCO’s John Muth’s Noon Balloon on Town Clock Curfew & Visionquest Homeless-Free
xxx   4-4-91 6 PM News on River St. Mini-Shelter “Controversy” as well as SCPD attack and arrest of  “Won Ton” Dave Jacob’s at the Clock, interviewing “Meandering” Mike Girth eye witness and Peace Vigil participant at the Clock against the Persian Gulf Iraqi War
xxx   4-7-91 Bathrobespierre interviews “Jet Lag” Joe Salinsky, another Peace Vigil participant on multiple SCPD abuses at the Clock
xxx   4-9-91  Muth and Bathrobespierre on “homeless out!” growth proposals by Visionquest Santa Cruz as well as Salinsky and others pressing claims against police for SCPD abuses at the Clock
          …plus Various uncut bits and clips of 1991 from the cutting room floor throughout