Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast streams tonight 10-1-20 at 6 PM at & archived at Reports from the Food Not Bombs/Unhoused Community Resistance at Laurel and Front Sts.


xxx  Update from Food Not Bombs under siege at Laurel and Front St. earlier this morning–by Katzenjammer Keith and Dreadeye.

xxx  More Barricade Background Reports (9-28) from Castaway Cooper & Cathreen S.

xxx  Commentary & Interviews from Tuesday Morning’s Standoff (9-29) Sequoia et. al.
xxx  Afternoon Success-So-Far Report from Keith
xxx  Tickets on the Beach report from Marty Mirabel (“Pirate”)


Santa Cruz City Officials to evict Food Not Bombs, the Homeless Union COVID -19 Relief Center at
Growing Resistance to City Manager’s Camp & FNB Sweep Threats at