Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast streams tonight 6-18-20 at 6 PM at Voices Aplenty Including Replays of Krohn and Glover, S.C. Shitty Council’s Oral Communications

Coming as soon as the site is repaired—Check out the show at

New postings and interviews from the last few days at (repair pending)


xxx “Katzenjammer” Keith’s Quick Update After a Postponed Court Date
xxx Around the Food Not Bombs Soup Kettle: Clinton, Jimmy D., Thomas M. & Ms. Nesbett

xxx After the Recall: Snatches from John Malkin’s Interview With Recall Victims Glover and Krohn (
xxx More Community Conscience: More from the Oral Communications Explosion 6-9
xxx  Kathy D., Martha E, and Susan W. Say No to the Proposed Library Burial

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