Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast streams tonight 7-23-20 at 6 PM at & archived at Marching on the Mighty Mathews: Black Lives Matter Supports Homeless Protest outside Cynthia Mathews


xxx  Gathering (7-20) and marching to Council woman and ex-Mayor Cynthia Mathew’s house
xxx  A taste of the new San Francisco Mime Troupe radio site ( with bi-weekly episodes.
xxx Stephon Clark’s cousin from Sacramento raises spirits, chants, and issues.
xxx  Tale of the police car-theft: told by the man whose car was stolen by police and for whom Pirate went to jail
xxx  Rumors from the Benchlands:  Will there be relocation and “improvement” at San Lorenzo for those outside?
xxx  Mobbing SCPDsters take away Jeremiah Maxi from Pacific Avenue 2-22