Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides radio show streams today (10-13-19) at 9:30AM at Berkeley’s I-80 Encampment Stands Fast, Councilmember Drew Glover Parries Bathrobespierre Robert, Lower Ocean Tenants, & a 7-9-2015 Flashback !


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Today’s show streams at and archives at  

To hear Councilmember Glover’s examination of the 10-8 Council agenda, go to
and look for Drew Agenda Meeting- 10/5/2019.
Due to power failure, there was no Thursday 10/10/2019 show.
To read the complete (undelivered) speech deconstructing the powerful Watkins minority at City Council, go to “Pushing Past the Censure/Recall Distraction at City Council” at

Current Events on the Show
  •    “Aim for the Belly” Alicia Kuhl,, Prez, Stands Fast Under Police and Costco Harassment
  •  Mayor “Whittle Down the Time” Watkins Second Attack on Glover and Krohn at City Council 10-8-19
  •  Tenant advocates call for Rent Freeze in Lower Ocean; Krohn deserts Glover in the Crucial Motion
  •  Lower Ocean Eviction Victims Ronald and Laurel Describe Upcoming 123 Bixby Street Landlord Cruelty
  •  Tenant Toughtimes Trooper Cynthia Berger on the Limits of the State Rent Law and Santa Cruz’s Rental Inspection Ordinance
  •  Shawna and William of the “Where Do We Go?” Berkeley Encampment Recalls a Day of Standing off the CHP and Cal-Trans Cops
  •  Councilmember Drew Glover Reviews Eight Months of Stall Under Interrogation from Bathrobespierre Robert
  •  Voices of the Victims at Food Not Bombs:  Harm Reduction Volunteer Report, Fastlane Free, Katzenjammer Keith,
  •  Wes, Virgil, Mike, Dread,Betsy, & Cherie–Salinas Sherwood Park Shit Survivors
Flashing Back to July 9, 2015
  • Guest co-host Ivy Rou, Street Vendor on Pacific Avenue
  • Ivy on Eviction Devastation in Santa Cruz–True Stories
  • Wellwisher Jim Weller at the First Sleep-Out of the Two Year Freedom Sleeper Protest
  • Home-on-Wheels Visitor Describes Police Treatment Here
  • Find-A-Place Phil Posner Kicks off the Weekly Freedom Sleeper Event;
  • Silver-Tongued Steve Pleich, Act Now! Abbi Samuels Suggests Sleeping Spots, the Vote
  • Backtalking Bob Lamonica Challenges Ivy; Phone Allies Include Uncle Dennis, Smoothie Steve, Doc Mike & Others
  • The show is also archived at