Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides streams today (4-26-20) at Protests Small & Large: Sacramento Activst/Attorney Cathreen Williams on Monday’s Upcoming Car Protest, Beating Back the Bullies in Berkeley; Flashback to Sept 30, 2010

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***  Cathleen Williams on a broad protest Coalition in Sacramento Fighting Back to Stop the Sweeps

***  Resisting UCB’s Latest Plans to Build a 19 Story Building on People’s Park

***  Andrea Hensen’s Update on KPFA from Where Do We Go?–the Successful Surviving Encampment Lighthouse

***  Tackling Shelter Problems with “Tuf ‘n Tender” Thomas–Monitoring an AFC Group

***  Alicia Kuhl Denounces City Council’s Rubberstamping of Attacks on Food Not Bombs

***  FNB fragments:  Jack-of-all-Trades Julio, Jim, Keith, & more at Laurel & Front St. 4-22 *** San Diego Blues ***  Sustaining the Protest–HUFF & the Homeless Union Return to Protest the Motel LockOut 4-24
***  Beggarbacker Becky Johnson of Seaside Supports Motel Rooms for the Homeless But Opposes Shelter-in-Place

FLASHBACK TO 9-30-2010

  • Co-Host Steve Pleich….
  • Street Interviews: 9-30 Doug Zigzag denounces El Centro on Pacific Ave. and discusses the Pacific Ave. scene…
  • 9-21 Commissioner Kim Baskett’s Verdict in the Norse-Facer Unreasonably Disturbing Noises case (aka the Sinister Singsong Two) followed by commentary…
  •  (…
  • Discussion of the new amendments to the Camping Ordinance…
  • Audio of Community TV’s Sandra Leigh interviewing Curbhugger Chris on PeaceCamp2010

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