Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides streams today (5-10-20) at A Handful of Local Look-In’s on the City’s COVID-19 “Tents Not Motel Rooms” Persistence Flashback to August 10, 1997

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***  Grudging and Gloomy Glance at Two Upcoming City Council Meetings:

***  Staccato Steve Pleich Reviews the City’s Shelter Shenanagans

***  Carry-On Steve Conover Reports from Inside One of the Few Motel Rooms Being Offered

***  Trueheart Thomas Talks About Managing the AFC Congregate Shelter

***  Frontline Phil Posner Ferries Food and Fond Hopes to Encampments by Bike

***  Rafa Sonnenfeld Reports on Vet’s Hall Shelter Conditions

***  Vehicular Update from Out-of-Town Angel

FLASHBACK TO 8-10-1997

  • Roughrider Richard Quigley Jousts for Justice in Court versus Deputy Discrimination
  •  Racial Discrimination in the Pacific Avenue Shlock Shops?  Ricky Primm confronts The Cat and Canary
  •  Tenants Rights Union’s Donna Deiss Facing Retaliatory Eviction, the Union’s Proposals to Protect Tenants
  •  San Francisco’s Ted Gullicksen Reviews the Wherry Housing Protest, Homes Not Jails Squats, and the SF Tenants Union…[and a 2019 post-mortem tribute:

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