Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides streams today (5-17-20) at with reports from McHenry, Adams, Tenderfoot, + Flashbacks to 6-17-90 & 2-23-99

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***  News Blurbs from Norse–Scanning the Establishment Propaganda Sheets

***  Aron Mate Explores the Latest Unraveling of the Russiagate Runaround

***  “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry Gives Another “All Around the Town” Report

***  Jimmy Dore Downs “Sellout Sanders” Now Biden’s Best Buddy.

***  “Tenderfoot” Tim on Working for the Footbridge Services, the Association of Church Communities, & More…

***  “Backtalk” Brent Adams Reviews Wants, Wastes, and Wonders in the COVID-19 Bosses Treatment of Those Outside.

***   Voices of the Displaced: John T, Stan, & other Coral Street Refugees on the Tracks & Lingering Nearby After Mills’ Expulsion of the Coral St. Tent City

FLASKBACK TO 6-17-90 :  “Morpheus” Mike Hobson, “Bathrobespierre” Robert Norse, and “Grinning” Ray Glock-Grueneich on SCPD Sgt Bob “Hobohunter” Hennig’s Brutal Assault on Hobson the month before.


  • The Beiers Bamboozle:  Mayor Katherine “Birdseed for the Bums” Beiers Sells Out and Co-Opts Progressives on the Sleeping Ban
  •  Proposed Cosmetic Changes in the Camping Ordinance and the Sleeping Ban by the Task Force to Examine the Camping Ordinance.
  • “Dragonsheart” Dan Hopkins and “Bathrobespierre” Robert Norse review the Task Farce and “Trollbusting”
  • Theodora Kerry on the Mandatory Fluoride Controversy
  • “Beggarbacker” Becky Johnson Slams the Task Farce
  • Brutality against the Biotic Baking Brigade in San Francisco
  • “Bashful” Bernard Klitzner on New Strategies to End the Sleeping Ban.
  • Blurry voices from the Santa Cruz Shitty Council
  • “Just so” Julia Vinograd Poetry
  • An Analysis of the California Eichorn Decision

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