Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides streams today (5-24-20) at with Cowell Beach Protesters, Wes White’s Salinas Review, Benchlands Blather, and an Angry Review of the Ahmaud Aubrey Killing

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***  San Lorenzo Benchland Interviews with Jeremiah, Greg, Puttentain, Mac, and Kevin

***  “Open the Beaches” Protest at Cowell Beach: Distanced Dialogue with Satya, Ellie, and Etienne

***  Examining Police Harassment of Ahmaud Aubrey, the Georgia black guy killed by two white vigilantes.

***  “Weatherman” Wes White from Salinas Reviews COVID-19 Conditions and Some History There


  • Co-Host Jumboheart James Nay and Bathrobespierre Discuss the City Council’s Run Through of the Dolphin-Lee (now the Nueva Vista) Beach Flats Demolition Project with No Relocation Guarantees
  •  Report on the Recent Santa Cruz Action Network (SCAN) meeting demanding the City Council candidates it endorsed vote to require the Guarantees.
  • Further Discussion of the Dolphin Lee Demolition with Eleanor & “Scope It Out” Scott Graham, “Bashful” Bernard Klitzner, and Residentes Unidos Organizer Nena Ruez.
  • “Rough-Tongued” Roxanne Acquistepache Confronts Santa Cruz Mayor “Sweet Story” Sugar
  • “Beggarbacker” Becky Johnson Blasts Council’s Demolition Plan
  • Scott Deconstructs the Council’s Manipulation of the Dolphin-Lee Tenants Relocation Committee

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