Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides streams today (5-31-20) at with Council, Scott Graham, Happier Nights at the Vet’s Hall?, Mass Protest Downtown Against the George Floyd Killing… Flashback to 11-16-97 the Happy John Dine slaying

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***  Reviewing the 5-26 Santa Cruz Shitty Council Meeting with Scope-It-Out Scott Graham

***  Patty Praises, Provides a Picture of the Vet’s Hall Shelter

***  An old-time Santa Cruz camper on the Shelter Situation; remembering SCPD’s Come-Beat-Up-The-Homeless “Code Blue” in times past,  Tribute to Papa John

***  Interviews and Walk-About at the “Just Outside the Fences” Mass Black Lives Matter protest of police murder, most recently illustrated by the murder of George Floyd.

***  Carebear’s Sitting Ticket–Reports from the Food Not Bombs  5-20 meal


In-studio guest Free Radio Broadcaster Vinnie Lombardo (the V-Man)’s near-the-scene accounts of SCPD Officer Connor Carrie’s Murder of street activist “Happy” John Dine

Phone calls on the killing from Bob Lamonica, David Silva, Larry Redick, streetside Jeanie, Colin, Brandon, and Mike, Mad Mike the Wonderdog, Phil Free, Linda Lemaster, Al, and two eye witnesses Stacy Buckalou & Mike Schultz.

“Loudmouth” Leith, aka Rainbow Lite calls for Another City Hall Protest against the Sleeping Ban

Santa Monica Struggle: Jennifer Wagonner’s report in chains from the occupation of the Flamenco Motel

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