Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides will broadcast today (11-29-20) 9:30 AM and be archived as well. Battlecries from NOMAD’s Steavn, Bad Temper Brent, Lighthouse Linda, Cornerstone Carol, Dreadeye, Pirate & More + May 1994 Sitting Ban Struggle


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PHONE LINE ACCESS WANTED !  but it won’t happen unless we can find a studio space we can rent around Santa Cruz.  Doesn’t have to be big.  10′ X 10′ will do, indoors or outdoors (we can build a shack if you supply the space).  Just needs electricity and internet access..  Phone tips into 831-423-4833.
RADIO ACCESS TOO!  which means access to a tall tree or rooftop where we can place the antenna (or a key to the County Building attic).   In Covid-19 times, particularly important and helpful to those in vehicles or computerless outside so the community can speak its voice.

Phone in or e-mail us ( helpful suggestions on where we might find either a studio space and a place to put our antenna.  $300 reward for finding us the studio space.   Babble aplenty for all for finding us an antenna location.  

Norse’s Notes

Phone reports indicate the Benchlands City-County campground residents have largely been moved to the distant Delaveaga area–for which, no reports yet.  “Camp Freedom” the 50-tent mini village adjacent to the Lawn Bowling court reports inadequate sanitary facilities and a pressing need for potable water.   San Lorenzo bathrooms remain shut and there has been no invitation to use the County building bathrooms.   The same crucial shortages plague the Hiway 1 camps though it is adjacent to the many fenced-off services of the deceptively named Housing Matters  (proposed truth-in-advertising name Funding Matters).  The City and County have made no provision for predicted December rains, likely put the many camps underwater.

Survival campers near the Tannery have reportedly been driven off, with NOMAD workers reportedly assisting them in moving but not necessarily to any basic service access.  The reality of increasingly cold Winter nights still hasn’t stirred warm-and-cozy City and County bureaucrats into setting up badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services for the overwhelming majority of those outside.

Assistant City Mangler Susie O’Hara has reportedly stepped away or been dumped from her position as puff piece pusher and ardent apologist, backing of Mangler Martin Bernal’s inflated and false shelter claims in the sweeping of earlier survival camps in San Lorenzo Park and Ross. 

City Council’s lead Uncle Tom Justin Cummings & and his go-to Big Daddy Supervisor Ryan Coonerty have done nothing to open emergency Winter Shelter as temperatures drop.  Nor have either moved to relieve the risk of the many congregate shelters (Veteran’s Hall, Laurel St., Paul Lee) as the second wave of COVID-19 hits. 

And Brent Adams of the Warming Center overflow shelter has expanded his rented space, but still awaits support from the City money managers.  He notes the County is willing to spend $2000 per person and $1 million a year for the well-managed but absurdly expensive Benchlands (now Delaveaga) campground, but won’t even provide the limited Winter Shelter traditional at this time of year to stem the homeless suffering as winter sets in.  No offered accounting of City and County outlays from Project Roomkey and Project Housekey to identify the vulnerable homeless population ignored.  And word has not reached us that either City or County have applied for Newsom’s Project funds.

While a number of vulnerable unhoused are temporarily in the safer motel shelter, most of those “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters have waiting lists as the SCPD and its “social worker” allies pass out alleged available resource lists.   

Vendors on Beach St. sidewalks continue to be banned, breaking promises to take action by October to redress the situation. 

Chief Andy Mills police “reforms” backed by his City Council go-to Justin Cummings were unanimously ratified by the Council at its final November meeting before the “new” Council sashays in 2nd Tuesday in December.  They provide no police defunding and were done with screened public input and a shrunken public comment period on November 24th.

NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation) continues to plan meetings and actually act to assist vehicle dwellers under police and vigilante threat from “Dirty Hands” Deb Elston’s “volunteers”.      Call 226-998 for more information.


XXX “Cornerstone” Carol Denney tells of Berkeley gloom in the wake of the 2020 local elections.

XXX  May 1994 Mini Flashback to May 13 as Mayor Kennedy ducks the microphone after the infamous May 11 police riot at the
successful Sitting Ban protests at Cathcart and Pacific.

XXX  S.F. Chronicle columnist Otis R. Taylor Jr. on Vallejo police beating and bribing in the recent Carl Edwards case: 

XXX  “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster on the latest chapter of her Watsonville fire aftermath odyssey and a plea for help.

XXX  Artist and activist “Dreadeye” (Randolph Talley III) denounces police assault, two weeks jailing, and multiple charges near San Lorenzo Park.

XXX  Footbridge Services activist Brent Adams denounces the City’s failure to open Winter Shelter, describes his expansion of the Warming Center, attacks other activists as focused on a political agenda rather than actual houseless people, and gives some updates.

XXX  Steavn (that’s how he spells it) of NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation) provides another helpful update, as he does Food Not Bombs clean-up.

XXX  “Pirate” (Marty Mirabel) tells of ticketing, turmoil, and the troubles of lone outside living.
XXX   SC Homeless Union  Prez Alicia Kuhl briefly describes the latest from the dormant-but-not-dead Union (my interpretation not hers)

FLASHBACK to May 1994 in the wake of Mass Protests Against the Sitting Ban & the “Progressive” Council’s
anti-homeless Downtown Ordinances

XXX  Many speakers weigh in in an Afternoon protest of May 18, 1994 in front of Neil Coonerty’s Bookshop Santa Cruz after Coonerty led a campaign to empower police against street people and unhoused folks downtown and in other business districts.

XXX  Analysis of the Aftermath: “Redtop” Robert Flory, “Jacklight” John Hamilton, and “Bathrobespierre”
Robert Norse discuss the protests and give us a peek into planned events…way back then.

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