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RADIO ACCESS means access to a tall tree or rooftop where we can place the antenna (or a key to the County Building attic).   In Covid-19 times, particularly important and helpful to those in vehicles or computerless outside so the community can speak its voice.

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Norse’s Notes

No further reports from the Benchlands City-County campground moved to the distant Delaveaga area: if you’ve got any, phone ’em in.  “Camp Freedom” adjacent to the Lawn Bowling court above the Benchlands has reportedly grown to 100 tents, but still lacks potable water and adequate sanitary facilities.  Park bathrooms remain closed and locked.   No invitation to use the County building bathrooms during the day.  

No word of supplies, portapotties, trash pick-up’s (except by generous private folks), or a place to go when the rains hit from the many fenced-off tents along hiway 1 next to the humorously named Housing Matters  (actually–Funding Matters). 

No reports from NOMAD workers. In the past NOMAD assisted survival campers move when Nature or City Mangler Martin Bernal issues new deportation edicts.   The reality of increasingly cold Winter nights still hasn’t stirred warm-and-cozy City and County bureaucrats into setting up badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services for the overwhelming majority of those outside.

City Council’s lead Uncle Tom Justin Cummings & and his go-to Big Daddy Supervisor Ryan Coonerty have done nothing to open emergency Winter Shelter as temperatures drop.  Nothing is on the 12-8 Shitty Council Agenda on that subject, leaving Brent Adams’ expanded makeshift Warming Center likely to be overwhelmed in spite of his best efforts to maintain scalability.  With the expanding number of deaths and hospitalizations by COVID-19, there is no reported effort to move those in the many congregate shelters (Veteran’s Hall, Laurel St., Paul Lee) to single room residences.

No offered accounting of City and County outlays from Project Roomkey and Project Housekey to identify the vulnerable homeless population ignored.  And word has not reached us that either City or County have applied for expanded Newsom’s Project funds.  Some who were lucky enough or persistent enough to get a motel room do report the planned evictions have been postponed as the state has moved closer to lockdown.

Vendors are still banned on Beach St. sidewalks unless they have brick and mortar businesses, of course.

City Council is likely to get worse with the arrival of Council newbies Sonja Brunner and Shebreh Kalatari-Johnson.  Chief Andy Mills’ home-seizures (for those in vehicles) is continuing. 

NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation) continues to plan meetings and actually act to assist vehicle dwellers under police and vigilante threat from “Dirty Hands” Deb Elston’s “volunteers”.      Call 226-998 for more information.


XXX  COVID-19 Cries and Conundrums–“Dangerous” John Thielking in Eugene Demands Masking, Fact-Checking on the Danish “No Clear Evidence that Masks Protest the Wearer” Study

( )

XXX  More from John Malkin’s “Refund the Community” Interview with attorneys Elizabeth Caballero and Jonathan Gettleman (full interview:

XXX  Activist Alicia Kuhl and a Local Nurse exchange thoughts with Bathrobespiere Robert at a 12-1 Food Not Bombs  meal.

XXX  James-in-the-Sunshine gives a gloomy account of Berkeley’s latest electoral defeat.

XXX  City Council’s last “meeting” of the year with the new perps seated and no action on rent ruination and police puffery.

XXX  A Look-In at Sacramento and a Fresno report from FRSC veteran Mathew Embri

XXX  Another regular report from “Katzenjammer’ Keith McHenry

XXX  Kim Brown interviews Ricci Sergienko on police crushing L.A. housing takeover:

XXX  Jimmy Dore interviews Glenn Greenwald on media censorship.  Longer interview at


XXX  March 1992 KZSC radio interviews Margaret Marr and John Malkin about the need for strong civilian police review in Santa Cruz in the days when that seemed to be a possible solution to police violence.

XXX  Spring 1992 Many voices at a City Council Study Session denouncing and defending the SCPD in the civilian police review board creation debate.

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