Bundle up for Some HUFF chatter– Wednesday December 23 at the Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 11 AM–What Can the Community Do As Martin Bernal’s Manglers Roust and Remove Camp San Lorenzo?

Agenda Prospects
             Aftermath of the Felker St. and San Lorenzo “Phase One” Removals  Forming Phone Contact With Retreating Refugees

          Still a Rain threat for the Coral St. Kramerville (the line of tents adjacent to Phil Kramer’s Coral Street Kingdom)?

​          Salinas Shitty Council–Update From Abroad          

Report from the Home Turf of the Head Terrorist–the Brief Demos Outside City Manager Martin Bernal’s House this Weekend.

          Homeless Deaths, Freezing Times, COVID complications–and Police Defiance:  What is to be Done?

         Status of Roomkey/Housekey/Winter Shelter Deficiencies as Christmas Creeps By: Raising a Ruckus for Housing TakeOvers?

         Strategies for Proceeding with Small Numbers in an Ebb Tide Time for Protests

yet another round of propane heat from hotheart Joe Schultz, Jacin’s Special Slurpin’ Sub Rosa Coffee and Gladeyes Gloria’s inevitable veggies along with unhealthy alternatives.