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XXX  HUFF [Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom] demands restoration of City Needle Exchange, opposes “shut ’em down” lawsuit.

XXX  “Katzenjammer” Keith on tomorrow’s 12-21 in-person Homeless Reading of the Dead at Laurel and Front (4 PM) ! Wednesday 12-23 5 PM on line 15th Anniversary Celebration of South Africa’s Abahlali (ShackDwellers) Movement and [WRAP] Western Regional Advocacy Project tap mobile+19294362866,,4911369178#US (NewYork)+16699006833,,4911369178#US (San Jose)Meeting ID: 491 136 9178 INFO at 

XXX  NOMAD’s Steavn gives rapid rundown on City dispersal of Felker Street Camp by the River

XXX  Infamous “Dead of Winter Deportation” Order from City Mangler Martin Bernal and Greenwasher Tony Elliot

XXX  Activist Alicia Kuhl’s Response to the City’s “Sanitize San Lorenzo Park” Sweeps–to Begin Tomorrow (12-22)

XXX  Shitsifter Sean and Undercover Entertainer SS opine from the Food Not Bombs chowline

XXX  “Tendentious” Thomas, “No More Nonsense” Norman, and “BetterBitter” BamBam Survey the Scene from the Levy Path

XXX  Surviving on a Boat–Marty Mirabel Update

XXX  Singin’ Through the Sadness with Sonny

XXX  Upbeat Noel vs. “Bad News” Bathrobespierre

XXX  Voices from the Threatened San Lorenzo “Freedom” Camp:  Lupe, Russell, and Angel

XXX  Backer-on-a-Bike Brent Adams on Alternatives for the Camp and Exhortations to the Absent City Council

FLASHBACK Show from December 9, 2010

XXX  Lengthy Intro on the Scene 10 years ago from your Host: Protest Updates, Shady Shit on Sheltering from City-Supported Non-Profits,

XXX  12-02-10 Many Voices on Street Song-and-Sales Scene on Pacific Avenue: Moonstruck Mike, “Righteous” Ricardo Lopez, Grumpy Bart, Duce, Jay, a former Shop Owner, and Hutch