C & A and HUFF meet at Noon Today (11-20) : Rising from the Ashes of the Phoenix Camp


Note:  Agenda Ideas are simply suggestions and subject to change and addition from anyone in the group.  They cover a wide range of possibilities.  Add your item; choose your priority.

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items; Timekeeper & Time Limits; Vibes Guy 
  • Homeless Death(s) & Attack on the Deseire Survival (Phoenix) Camp—Our Response
  • Contact Chain for Action Supporting Next Survival Camp & other Winter Encampments
  • Report on and Response to Crapmaster Condotti’s Latest CACH Proposal for 11-26 Council
  • Updates:  Shelter Funding, Shelter Conditions, Tenant Coalition, Students, Elder, Vehicular
  • Meeting Updates:  Glover’s 11-13 Housing, Women’s Dem Club, SC Union
  • Courts and Jail: Lucero and Others—
  • Upcoming Mayoral Inauguration 11-26  Publicly Confronting Bernal, Mills, Cummings, etc.
  • Older Project Update: Bathroom Closure, Pee Bottle Parade

    For HUFFsters  New Street Spirits and Street Sheets !
  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Finishing the C & A Agenda
  • Polling those outside on Resistance Strategies
  • Campground & Shelter Reports
  • Aftermath of the Camp Crackdown: Appearance of New Camps