Coastal Commission Audio and Video Link on the RV Ban Victory

Regarding the recent Coastal Commission decision requiring a full-scale hearing at a future Commission meeting before they’ll issue a permit to allow enforcement of the nighttime RV ban in the coastal areas of Santa Cruz City.

Note that the County had already announced its own enforcement of a similar if not identical law impacting even a wider audience.  The issue will be discussed on Free Radio Santa Cruz Sunday morning 8-21 at 10 AM at 101.3 FM (streams at

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Coastal Commission Archive Link Correction

by Robert Norse

Tue Aug 16 09:18:45 2016

For some reason, the audio and video link to the Coastal Commission doesn’t work if you click directly on it. Instead, cut and paste it in, and you’ll reach their archive. Sorry for any confusion.

Again, that link is[]=CCC as mentioned in the main story. And the agenda item is 16e.


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