Come in out of the rain to huddle with HUFF at 703 Pacific; Coffee Up with Sleeping Ban Survivors and Sleepsymps at the Sub Rosa Cafe next to the Bike Church

HUFF Agenda Prospects 11-16-23     

  ++++  Priorities, Placeholder Run-through & Hand-Outs   

  ++++  Hand-outs: Agendas, Documentation Sweep Sheets, no new Street Sheets; (next week!)  Street Sheet on-line guide   

  ++++  Passarounds: TBA

  ++++  HUFF Notes & Announcements:TBA 

  ++++  As ever…Street reports; Beach, Parking Lots, Pogonip, Library, Levee

  ++++  Running Bread and Roses and those eating their meals off the Levee

  ++++  Strategies for dealing with December 4th Initiation of Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (OVO) enforcement; Reggie Meisler call

  ++++  Local ACLU awards December 9th 1-4 PM RCNV 612 Ocean for Reggie Meisler, Gail Newell, and Stan/Carli Stevens  Anti-police militarization speakers; John Lindsay-Poland   ++++  Local Legislative Antics—Report from those who went or watched

  ++++  Thursday December 16 7-9 PM  Panel Discussion of Punk Rock, Social Change and Anti-Racism: Conversation and Double Book Release Free Institute of Arts & Sciences 100 Panetta Ave.

  ++++  Property destroyed; reports of official violence or threats     

  ++++  New and earlier Street Sheets available in hard edition.  Also on line at (includes latest Oct 1 issue) perhaps at 903 Pacific Tele Office & FNB Sat/Sun     

  ++++  Write for Street Sheet; Street Spirit Update; Street Shit Sheet?     

  ++++  Lawsuit Updates: TBA     

  ++++  Phone Contacts:  Helga’s Levee report.   

  ++++  Anti-War Resolution: Connections with Other Groups —Richmond style support for Gaza: WW3 and Wars = Homeless Reminder in Ukraine + Gaza    


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