Come Out on the Streets to Demand An End to Local Police Secrecy and Profiling

Keeping Up the Pressure: Wednesday Protest at Cop Corner

The SCPD has still not responded to concerns about racial and class profiling by Officer Bradly Barnett and videoed concerns that Officer Bill Azua is selectively ticketing African-Americans in downtown Santa Cruz for trivial offenses. It has not released specific reports on its use of tasers, batons, choke holds, pain compliance holds, and drawn weapons as requested in Public Records Act requests. It continues to militarize the department through acquisition of surveillance and armored vehicle acquisition without meaningful public input or debate. Instances of documented officer abuse of homeless people such as Officer Vasquez’s sidewalk smash of Richard Hardy remain unredressed. HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) calls for an active and diverse protest Wednesday December 17th at 2 PM at Laurel and Center Streets.



Please distribute this flyer widely and come on down on Wednesday–or start your own protest!Further Information:

Vasquez’s Hardy Take-down:

Barnett’s Anti-Homeless Profiling:–homeless.pdf
Barnett’s Racial Citations:

Azua’s Selective Ticketing of Blacks on Pacific for Smoking:

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