More Fuel for Wednesday’s Protest at Cop Corner in Santa Cruz

The protest against SCPD acquisition of the Bearcat armored vehicle,
its targeted attacks on homeless people,
its lack of transparency,
its huge bite out of the Santa Cruz budget,
its growing militarization,
its backroom manipulation of the political process,
its use of force record
its failure to discipline abusive officers
its failure to address real crimes of violence against women, minorities, and the poor

…all will be up for discussion, debate, and protest tomorrow at 2 PM at Laurel and Center Streets.

Bring an umbrella, warm clothing, noise-makers and friends!    (“Keeping Up the Pressure: Protest at Cop Corner”).

Information and a downloadable flyer about the protest are at

A gripping and informative video and a series of hard questions can be seen at   (“Bearcat-a-tat-tat” Video and Abbi Samuels Letter to the Mayor”).