Come rain or cold, HUFF will be struggling to meet at its usual spot in Sub Rosa Courtyard next to the Bike Church 11 AM Today Wednesday November 11th 703 Pacific

A few of the Agenda tidbits to chew on, plus Bring Your Own:

Spotty Updates on the Status of Psych Patients Rights to Refuse Medication in County Lock-Up

Shitty Council Shenanagans–the Tuesday Public-Absent Meeting

Reacting to the Crush-the-Caregivers Edicts from Bowels of City Mangler Martin Bernal

Benchlands Deadline?  And What of Everyone Else?

NOMADettes Provide Helping Hands, Jumps, and Surveillance

Roughhewn Rumors: A “Special Place” for the Homeless at Camp Roberts?

Cold Class War in Santa Cruz as the Temperature Drops

Providing Dining Area The City Won’t–Food Not Bombs combines with Other Fab Foodsters to Do Thanksgiving

 ….With More Last-Minute Meanderings…

Plus coffee, crunchables, and the usual cantankerous comraderie!