Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast 9:30 AM-3 PM today 11-8-20 & archived at . Today: Berkeley and Benchland Updates; 1994 Sniping Match between Councilmember M. Rotkin and Badboy Bathobespierre Robert

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Movement date for the Benchlands City-County campground is, according to Jessica York, stenographer for City Hall and the City Manager, mid-November–the destination a Campground area near the Armory up at De Laveaga.    As usual, York and the City officials she assiduously follows, completely ignore the reality for the majority of those outside.  See  This includes the many the unofficial “Freedom” campground next to the Lawn Bowling court and the many others along Hiway 1, near Felker St. and the cemetery, and throughout the City facing increasingly cold nights. Badly-needed restroom, food, water, and charging services to the camps are still sorely missed.

City Council has yet another of its “no public, please” meetings held by Zoom instead of in Civic or another large venue where the public could actually weigh in–in person.  Fences around parking lot#27 where Food Not Bombs served food for many months were removed in the Tuesday night {“no coup, thanks!”) protests and have not been set up again by cops and public works “helpers”.   

Neither Mayor Cummings nor his boss City Mangler Bernal has responded to my Brown Act demand that City Council reconsider all items done without public access and participation (see “Brown Act Demand to Santa Cruz City Council: ReDo Meetings You’ve Illegally Closed” at .
No transparency from City and County regarding expenditures (or non-expenditures) of funds from Project Roomkey and Project Housekey.
While a number of vulnerable unhoused are temporarily in the safer motel shelter, most of those “sheltered” are warehoused in the unhealthy group shelters–and even those shelters have waiting lists as the SCPD and its “social worker” allies pass out alleged available resource lists.  

The Pogonip camps continue to be blocked off with even the rudimentary portapotties and wash stations along hiway 9 removed.   Ditto with the scores of tents along hiway 1 near the interection with 9.      Encampments along the San Lorenzo pathway near the Broadway bridge and along Hiway 1 at River St.  continue to struggle in record numbers.    Months ago,  the City and County created more refugees.  They displaced the earlier larger Benchlands encampment with their own show County-run encampment.  That managed encampment  is due to be relocated to a field outside the Armory in De La Vega Park in mid-November–with no provision for the many homeless people living outside.

City Mangler Bernal’s Emergency Edict banning (largely Latinx) vendors on Beach St. continues its preferential impact, OKing tourist and Boardwalk businesses for masked and unmasked alike along the beaches, the Boardwalk, and the “no vendors allowed” sidewalks.  The Boardwalk has opened its rides for weekends.

NOMAD (Needs Oriented Movement Assistance and De-escalation) and Food Not Bombs are still organizing to provide escape resources for vehicle dwellers threatened with home seizure by lethally-armed police and Public Works cronies.  These younger activists begin to organize to resist what is likely to be the most Reactionary City Government in years–now that reactionaries have won the city election.

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FLASHBACK to 1994: Bathrobespierre Robert Norse vs. RiotAct Mike Rotkin on the soon-to-be-passed Downtown Ordinances in a February exchange–rife with interruptions from 2020 by Norse

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