Current List of Santa Cruz Police Officers

For Santa Cruzans and visitors who wish to identify police officers, here’s the most current list.  These cops are the individuals most directly involved with surveilling, harassing, citing, and arresting homeless people who’s only crime is sleeping or being present in a public place (such as a “closed” area).

Updated List of Santa Cruz Police Department Personnel
by SCPD (posted by Norse) ( rnorse3 [at] )
Monday Jul 21st, 2014 12:18 PM

I received this updated list of SCPD personnel–buffed up considerably from the earlier posting (referenced below). For those involved in copwatching or using the police in any capacity, this is a list of badge numbers matched up with employees.


Badge ID List for SCPD

Since police are not held accountable by City Council, the City Manager, or the Police Chief, nor the “Police Auditor”, I encourage the community use its video and audio capabilities to record and post incidents to both encourage citizen pushback against police abuse as well as press authorities to respond to incidents such as the Officer Vasquez takedown of Richard Hardy ( ), and the “gun in your back” behavior of Officer Hernandez [ ].

A previous listing of police numbers from a year ago is at .

One thought on “Current List of Santa Cruz Police Officers

  1. I own river cafe on river street I Santa Cruz. on friday oct 31 2014 I was assulted and then arrested for no reason at my business during a night event. i was assulted by two officers, one being Bernadette erlach and another male officer.
    they have also concealed evidence as the ticket that I signed is missing. in addition they lied to the lietenant regarding what actually happened.
    many of my customers and personal friends witnessed this assult and took pictures and videos.
    please contact me directly at
    831-334-1504 to discuss or contribute information.

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