Drown Your Post Election Sorrows in HUFFland 11 AM 11-5 Sub Rosa 703 Pacific

With simultaneous events going on at UCSC (Volunteer Fair) and Watsonville (Project Homeless Connect) where HUFF is tabling in search of volunteers and contacts, I predict a scaled down meeting.   Still, Baldwin Park attorney Paul Cook will be rolling through town next Monday and offering to help train people in filing Small Claims Court claims.   We’ll be following up on the “Performance Pens” coming up at City Council next Tuesday, sending out symbolic support to homeless activists and foodservers being harassed in For Lauderdale, FL, and planning a HUFF-in at the City Attorney’s office to get a written “yes” or “no” to “Push Back” Pat Colby’s request for a disability dispensation to the Move Along law on the mall.  Make it if you can.  We’ll supply the coffee and the cranky.