Fighting Back Against Bigotry in Santa Cruz and Salinas: Freedom SleepOut #37 and the Chinatown Resistance

Title: Parallel People Power: Freedom SleepOut #37 at City Hall While Salinas Activists Protest
START DATE: Tuesday March 22
TIME: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM
The City Hall Courtyard grounds, torn up and ribboned off for “replanting” with much of the rest of the area near the City Council chambers roped off to isolate protesters from their elected “representatives”.

That’s until 10 PM or thereabouts when straight-out exclusion from the entire City Hall area to quash protest forces protesters onto that old cold sidewalk in their fight against the Sleeping Ban.
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name Toby Nixon (posted by Norse)
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FNB activist Keith McHenry says he will be on hand in the afternoon with the Food Not Bombs table to let the Council and Community know that activists have not been driven away by citations, “closed area” announcements, sleeping bans, stay-away orders, security thug bullying, floodlights and other instruments of repression.

Others are urged to bring food, blankets, friends, and photo-capable equipment at night to document police behavior at and around the protest–in anticipation of future legal action.

Santa Cruz Freedom Sleepers and their allies confront City Council in the afternoon (meeting starts at 2:30 PM, Oral Communications at 5 PM, Evening “Study Session”at 7 PM).

Salinas Chinatown Defenders will be rallying at their City
Council (2 PM–the rally, 4 PM–speakout at CityCouncil at 200 Lincoln Ave.).

On Wednesday the 23rd at 7 AM, the Chinatown Resistance will gather at 38 Soledad St. with civil disobedience in the air to stop the massive deportation of 200-300 homeless people at what may be the largest and longest City encampment there.

On the same day in Santa Cruz at 11 AM , HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) will meet 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe to further organize the “Give a Shit” campaign, demanding the City open the City Hall bathrooms at night.

The only 24 hour bathroom in the Soquel Ave. garage was closed in mid-December on the pretext that homeless people were “sheltering themselves” there.

HUFF activists have gathered scores of signatures for a planned march April 6 to the Public Works Department demanding safe and sensible sanitary facilities for the community (both housed and homeless). More info at 423-4833

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