Flashing Back to Jujne 2002: Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show going historical 9:30 AM Sunday June 18 on 101.3 FM and freakradio.org

Back to the struggles of yesteryear–when Chris Krohn was Mayor, and there was a “progressive” majority on the City (Shitty) Council supposedly committed to Sleeping Ban Reform including Keith Sugar, Tim Fitzmaurice, Ed Porter, Scott Kennedy,  and Emily Reilly.   Up for rehearing is the June 9, 2002 show with highlights “the Necessity Defense”, Robert Letterman’s  of A.R.T.I.S.T  (Artists Response to Illegal State Tactics) follow up on his successful defense against 1997 arrest for distributing pamphlets at D.C. with Scope-it-out-Scott Graham, Tuneful Mike True, Roughrider Richard Quigley and others.  Also Lighthouse Linda Lemaster on the 2002-2003 budget.

Followed by the June 13th, 2002 show with a report from Camp Hope (a split off from Camp Paradise), Sharin’ Sherry Conable denounces a police stop, and more than I have the energy to write.

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