Homelessness Marathon to Begin 4 PM (PST) Wednesday, February 19th

NOTE BY NORSE:   For the last decade there’s been an annual Homelessness Marathon, generally hosted by Jeremy Alderson.  It’s been carried  by other radio stations in the past, but always by Free Radio Santa Cruz .  Free Radio as most HUFF e-mail receives probably already know broadcasts locally at 101.3 FM and streams at http://audio.str3am.com:5110/listen.pls  .   It will also be archived at http://news.homelessnessmarathon.org/ along with numerous prior marathons.  I’ve been part of at least two of the past 15 marathons, which have on occasion originated in cities which have been a focus of homeless activism or anti-homeless repression.  The foloowing is the tentative schedule for the marathon this year.  All times are Eastern Standard Times, so folks in the Pacific zone need to subtract three hours from the scheduled times.

16th Homelessness Marathon draft schedule [ SUBJECT TO CHANGE]

All times EST


Each hour after the first begins with a short segment, a five-minute pre-recorded report, followed by a long 53-minute live segment. These short and long segments are marked on the broadcast schedule below. In addition to what is marked, we will be taking calls and recognizing speakers at our street mic throughout the broadcast.


7pm – Hour 1


LONG: “Who’s in the Overflow Shelter?” The Homelessness Marathon will originate from in front of the Brattleboro First Baptist Church. The church is the site of Brattleboro’s overflow shelter (operated by the Brattleboro Drop-In Center), a place where men and women, in separate rooms, can sleep on the floor and get through the night. Some nights, as many as forty people sleep there. The Drop-In Center’s director, Lucy Fortier, and several of the folks who spend the night at the overflow shelter will help us to understand who they are, how they got there and what they face.


8pm – Hour 2


SHORT: “Not Forgotten When You Die.” A rememberance OF San Francisco’s poor SRO tenants. Producer Laura Flynn


LONG: “Who’s In The Emergency Shelter?”

The official emergency shelter in Brattleboro is the Morningside Shelter. It holds a maximum of 29 people. It is in a very large, well-kept house in the middle of an upscale neighborhood, where it is not always entirely welcome. The people living here have a little more stability than the people in the overflow shelter, but they’re still homeless. We’ll meet them and hear their stories.


9pm – Hour 3


SHORT: “A Homeless Viet Nam Vet Gives Back in Montana.” Producer Clay Scott


LONG: More Homeless People from Brattleboro. Not all homeless people fall into even the loosest category, so we’re not going to categorize this hour. We’re just going to invite some of Brattleboro’s poorest citizens into our broadcast booth and talk with them.


10 p.m. – Hour 4

SHORT: “Free Medical Services in Appalachia.” People line up for hours to get dental and health care in Virginia. Producer Thomas Pierce


LONG: Reports from Around the Country (segment times approximate):

10:10 – Gordon Walker, Director of the Housing and Community Development Division of the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Utah has announced its plans to end chronic homelessness in the state by 2015 and Mr. Walker is heading up the effort.

10:25 – Mike Rhodes, editor of the Community Alliance newspaper of Fresno and a board member of the Homelessness Marathon. Mike and one or two members of Fresno’s homeless community will discuss Fresno’s official campaign to assault homeless encampments.

10:40 – TBA


11 p.m. – Hour 5


SHORT: Homeless but Powered by  Green Energy. One man uses solar panels to heat, work and live outside in a legal encampment. Producer Cori Princell


LONG: “More reports from Around The Country” (segment times approximate):

10:10 – Jeff Girrard, who blogs under the name jeff4justice, lived in his car for years and still lives in it part time. He can tell us what the “rubber tramp” community is like and why it exists.

10:25 – Paul Boden, field director for the Western Regional Advocacy Project and member of the Homelessness Marathon board, is spearheading a campaign in California to get a “Homeless Bill of Rights” passed by the legislature. He will be joined by Ibrahim Mubarak, the dean of the Portland, OR tent community.

10:40 – TBA


Mid. – Hour 6


SHORT Last Days of Duroville.  Mobile Homes for the Poor in Rural California. Producer Lisa Mooerhouse


Midnight Forum: “Where Do We Go From Here?” A conversation about how do we get our country to actual address the problems of the poor and do something about them. Participants to include: Cheri Honkala, 2012 Green Party vice-presidential candidate, founder of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and board member of the Homelessness Marathon: Other participants TBA.