HUFF Another Benchlands Meeting Thursday 7-29; Tables between Courthouse & Benchlands: Sharing Sad Stories and Hopeful Happy Ones from Other Cities

Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (7-29) Meeting       

+++ Rumbles and Rumors: Status of the Benchlands Lawsuit?      

+++ Pajaro River Residents Again Attacked by Watsonville PD
 +++ Possible Resistance Strategies Against Further Sweeps and Benchland Demolition in the Benchlands
 +++ Novato and Chico City-Wide Injunctions: Why Not Here?
 +++ Exclusion or Mandatory Vaccinations on the Horizon for Those Outside?
 +++ Bring Reports of Threats or Citations Using the New Camping Bans, Other Laws, or No Laws to HUFF or Alicia at 431-7766
 +++ Possible Sweep Defenses When the Cops Come Calling–Individual & Group Strategies
 +++ Laura’s Law in Santa Cruz: Did They Opt-Out?  Countering Conservatorships & “No Warning” Deportations
 +++ Untwisting the Crooked City Hall Narrative:  Mustering Past Evidence of Shelter Denial and the Susie O’Hara’s False Narrative
 +++ New Contacts with the Coastal Commission on Monitoring Illegal “Parking Limitation” Sign Placements Against Vehicular Residents

+++ Moving HUFF meetings back to the Sub Rosa, perhaps Tuesdays at Noon? 

   Whither the Weather?   Who Knows?  Come Prepared to Strip Down or Bundle Up.

Continue to Organize for pre-emptive pressure on the City with Resistance strategies and support for unhoused through Santa Cruz at these and other meetings: 
City-organized Benchlands meeting 6 PM 7-29 mid-Benchlands;              Santa Cruz Homeless Union Camp meeting 5 PM 7-30 Tables between Benchlands and Courthouse.

Tune in for ongoing reports netcasted on Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 6 PM Thursdays on and 9:30 AM-3 PM Sundays.  Shows archived at   Likely updates from San Diego, Berkeley, Sausalito, San Rafael, and elsewhere.

Read encouraging words defending the Chico survival camps and unhoused folks at  (“The Chico Decision-Hope for the Homeless in Santa Cruz”).
Action Against Homes-on-Wheels Removal in Mountain View:

 RV Defense in L.A. :