Sunday 7-25-21 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show airs and archives 9:30 a.m. or shortly thereafter: Commander X Capture, S.C. Homeless Union Plots Resistance, More Sweeps in Salinas and Watsonville; Victory in Novato

ON THE 7-25-21 SHOW:  
      +++  Unanswered Questions for the “Safe Parking” Program Repeated
      +++   7-21 Keith McHenry on the Capture of Commander X and Other Updates
      +++   “There’s a Policeman on Your Lawn” in Song and Narrative:
      +++   Alternate Media on the State Kidnapping of Commander X
      +++   Wes White calls for Support 7 AM in Salinas tomorrow (7-26) in Chinatown to Stop the Sweeps
      +++   7-23 Santa Cruz Homeless Union meeting plots resistance against City removal of the Benchlands Survival Encampment, finds resistance from Brent Adams      

+++   7-22 Monike Tone of the Pajaro River Homeless Union denounces unannounced sweeps by the Watsonville police earlier that morning.        

+++   7-24 Keith McHenry describes in historical perspective the disturbing implications of SCPD punishment for bringing food to the Benchlands on Friday (7-23) morning.      

+++   7-20 Jed-eye (formerly Steavn) and Kat at Food Not Bombs give updates serious and sunny.      

+++   “The Face of Anonymous”: Canadian TV interviews Commander X about his film in the days before his kidnapping by Mexican and U.S. authorities
The Face of Anonymous QA_FINAL.mp4 This is “The Face of Anonymous QA_FINAL.mp4” by HotDocsFest on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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