HUFF at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa, Injunction Hearing at 2 PM, Clock Protest at 4 PM, Council’s New Camping Ban Caper next Tuesday, and More!

Agenda Prospects
             Priorities for HUFF research to support broader homeless encampments beyond San Lorenzo
          4 PM San Lorenzo Park Solidarity Rally—Town Clock
‚Äč          Mills Machinations–Return of the Zombie Camping Ban Amendments at the Next Shitty Council Meeting?
          Reports from Lawsuits in Santa Barbara, Oakland, Sacramento, and Marysville
          Court Case Update: Kuhl Case Dropped, Pirate’s Upcoming, Other Updates for Hannah, Ben, et. al.
          Maskless Rally at the Farmer’s Market–the Homeless View of COVID as Hoax
          Pajaro River Encampment Peril–Sweep and Resistance Reports

Latest Injunction at 2 PM Hearing Zoom Info:  then go to View Scheduling Notes .

Sub Rosa Requires Distancing and Masking.  Any controversy arising from this will be resolved before the meeting begins. HUFF has a non-exclusionary policy.

Weather slated for low 50’s, so cover up.  Usual free hot beverage for participants.  Meeting will be shorter than usual because of 2 PM Zoom Injunction Hearing: