Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 1-3-21 show streams 9:30 AM at and archived at Another San Lorenzo Park special with additional reports from Watsonville and the DSA

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Momentary Victory at San Lorenzo Park 

xxx  “All Speed Ahead” Alicia Kuhl on the Temporary Restraining Order laid down December 20th by Federal Magistrate (Check out and click on “View Scheduling Notes” presumably on Wednesday 1-6, day of the hearing)

xxx  Bathrobespierre rails against the FAQ 12-24–an anonymous Response by some City Official to Community Outrage against the police actions destroying tents and seizing property in the park (Go to  for the full nausea-packed experience)

xxx Day after the Police Raid, Day before the TRO 12-29 Interviews with Prism, Frank, Aaron Miller, and others.

xxx “Can’t Keep Me” Keith McHenry talks about his jailing and release on 12-29

xxx  Pajaro Valley perspective–“Walk with the Weary” Wes White and “Agents of Change” activist Nick review the wreckage & renaissance of Pajaro valley poor people displaced in the latest sweep.

xxx  “Legaleyes” Laura Reports on the Last Democratic Socialists of America ZOOM meeting

xxx  Garrett Stevens on the ground at San Lorenzo Park (12-29)

xxx  Contrasting Views on the Park Resistance from Armando and Pan

xxx  Former Santa Cruz Eleven Activists Brent Adams and Becky Johnson Exchange Notes on the San Lorenzo Situation

xxx  1-2 Update in the Park–Chatting with Raymond–rifling through the dumpster wreckage

xxx  1-2 Castiron Cooper and Toughtalking Tony from their still-standing Camp

xxx  1-2 Grapevine Greg B. Visits San Lorenzo from the County Armory Camp

xxx  1-2 Klatching at the Comrade Cafe with Donnie and others cooking chow in the rain

xxx  12-28  Back to the Monday Stand-off: a full hour of Community members holding police at bay on the sidewalk and demanding answers (but getting none)

xxx  12-28 Interviews with Denise Elerick of Harm Reduction Coalition and Sara Ringler