HUFF braves post-election blues to cackle together over coffee at the Sub Rosa Cafe 11 AM Wednesday 11-16

Hearty (and not-so hardy) HUFFsters will brave drizzle and sunshine to ponder HUFFstuff.  On the agenda in part:   David Silva’s hunger fast and the “Rolling Fast”; County RV Ban Battle Continues;  Struggling with the Sheriff’s Department to Get Its Citation Record Released as Required by Law; Surveillance Public Records of the City Police Again Delayed;  Watsonville Homeless Connect–Worth Wandering South?; ACLU Agenda for Wednesday Night–Prospects?; Looking for Updates from Tenant Rights Struggle, Council Coronation Crapola on Tuesday 11-22, Aftermath of the Metro (Measure D) Fight, MHCAN, Laura’s Law at the Supes, and Cannabis Constriction at the Supes; Prep for the Saturday 1:30 PM Cop-Corner-at-the-Town-Clock rally, and Freedom SleepOut 71 Update…all this and the new Street Spirit too (!).