HUFF coffees down again Wednesday 7-26 11 AM at the Sub Rosa 703 Pacific : Which Way Protest When Only the Houseless Are Left?

Debating the Road Ahead: 

Key Freedom Sleepers Say that the City Citation Crackdown has removed the Tuesday night “Safe Sleeping Zone” and without court and legal support, “luring” homeless people to protest is simply abusive.   Other unhoused Freedom Sleeper Veterans say they’ll be back with food support.   Which path to choose?    Come and weigh in at HUFF.

Other topics likely to be thrown about:              Focusing the Fight Against the SCPD’s Phony Stay-Away Orders.

Defending MHCAN–now under full-scale attack.  

DIY strategies for dealing with tickets. 

Connecting with Senior Houselessness Here and Across the Hill.                                                           And whatever the hot summer breeze blows in.