HUFF Contact Meeting on 6-10 usually held at Food Not Bombs meal at Laurel and Front St. postponed. Info Update likely to be posted soon. A few previews of talk and actions to come….

Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom


  • Taking Basics Forward—Solidarity with Anti-Police Abuse Movement (Calls to Defund Police Violent Tactics and Resources): HUFF meeting to be rescheduled.
  • New Solidarity Prospects:  Direct Action Crowd Calling-Out-the-Perps: Visiting Mayor, City Manager, City Council, Department Heads at Work and at Home with Demands
  • New Petitions on Line...Call-In, Drive-By, and Vote-with-your-feet Protests…
  • Significance of City Council’s “Business As Usual” Silence Last Night:  Responding with Direct, Creative, and Non-Violent Action
  • Letter to Councilmember Sandy Brown: