HUFF defies the wind and rain at 11 AM Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church 1-27-21 : Reviewing New Struggles at the Pajaro River; Weather-Weary Warriors in the Camps Unprotected by the TRO

Agenda Prospects  

       City Set Back by the Lawsuit?   A LookSee at the latest Shitty Council “Meeting” No Reapparance of the Mills Mash-and-Mangle Ordinances 

       Rent “Relief” at the state and county level?  How Real?   

       The New “Purple Tier” “Opening”—Impact on the Unhoused. 

       More Maybes:  Possible Look-In’s at Lawsuits in Santa Barbara, Oakland, Sacramento, and Marysville  

       On-going Harassment on Dakota and Delaware Streets 

       Plodding through the Kangeroo Courts: Dreadeye, Hannah, and Ramya 

       Pajaro River Pushback–Monike T’s Morning Resistance 

       Right-Left Unity Against Tyranny of the Existing Order–Choosing Issues for Coalition 

Windstorm and strong rains may or may not be over by HUFFtime tomorrow (1-27).  Come well bundled up.