Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 1-28-21 show netcast at 6 PM: The Homeless Report from Rainy Weather Robert Aguirre in San Jose; Standing Up to Bullying with the Pajaro River Residents

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ON THE 1-28 SHOW : 

xxx  Union of the Homeless Activist “Rainy Weather” Robert Aguirre on San Jose Times
xxx  Background:
xxx  Lambasting Police Harassment “Loudheart” Lee-Ann Sherwood, San Lorenzo Park resident.
xxx  Containing Court Injustice: More from “Rainy Weather” Robert A.
xxx  “Keep it Caring” Kevin Reports on Police Ticketing Spree Next to San Lorenzo Park
xxx  1-25-21 “Mind over Muscle” Monike Tone on Defending the Southside of Pajaro River

Extras:  Video showing Monterey County Homeless Union Activists Confronting Board of Supervisors there around the Pajaro River Eviction Actions:

              Review Judge Susan Van Kuelen’s Order Defending the San Lorenzo Survival Campers:
              Unless attorneys release the court documents by e-mail, it’s costly and difficult to access the full San Lorenzo file.  See In spite of repeated requests, attorney Anthony Prince has yet to release the Declarations and Legal Papers in the case.