HUFF Definitely Back at Sub Rosa Tomorrow (Wednesday December 2) 11 AM. Coffee guaranteed!!


HUFFsters:  No more trekking around to mingle with seclusive students sipping bourgeois beverages at the Pergolesi–at least this week!  Back at the usual Sub Rosa Cafe surrounded by lots of literature and agreeable reasonably priced (free) drinks.

Likely to find agenda discussion:  Next  week’s Shitty Council Final Vote (12-8) on the “Homeless RV’s Get Lost” law coming up for a final reading;  the latest update on the frost-bitten Freedom Sleepers movement and its next move; Berkeley Battle In Progress–a weeklong campout culminates in today’s City Council meeting up there; fighting back against police property seizures–schemes and strategies; plus lots of stuff that hasn’t made print yet…

Today (Dec 1) there will be a special 5:30 PM “New tactics, new energy?!” meeting to protect the rights of houseless people at the Supply Room of the Red Church.  Want more Freedom SleepOuts and like actions?  Join the meeting!    And come to Freedom Sleep-Out at City Hall tonight thereafter.