HUFF gathers around 11 AM Wednesday 10-29 Sub Rosa Cafe

As the fall deepens, HUFF sniffs more human rights activity.  Possible actions include:  Uncovering the Phony Homeless “Crime Wave” of the Last Two Years,  Confronting the City Attorney’s Office Demanding Disability Adjustments Downtown, A Second Look at the Perfomance Pens Passed by City Council Last Night;—all this and coffee with cream!

One thought on “HUFF gathers around 11 AM Wednesday 10-29 Sub Rosa Cafe

  1. frustrates me those who do not show up for HUFF meetings. We hear complaints ROBERT records many of these. What I see are the house-less followed to these meeting sights, harassed, jailed preventing them from waking up fresh heading out to get assistance * joining us angry mobsters. NEEDLE MANIA is ridiculous I have in 41 months seen 3 needles as they were injecting under a bush along the levy. I have seen police excuse some drug addicts, women they have ordered Bjobs trades for jail time. TRUE but ya know who would ever “STAB” website believe me? 99% of the homeless I hang out with are NON DRUG USERS. Ya ought to meet them they are brilliant, funny and kind. REACH out and make a difference DON;T STAB them. For Christs sake DON;T SHOOT!

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