HUFF hunkers and huddles at 11 AM Wednesday 11-18 at the Sub Rosa Cafe

 After two outdoors coffee-scarce meetings at the Sub Rosa, we’ll be trying again tomorrow

If the place is still closed, we’ll move to the Cafe Pergolesi. 

Likely subjects:  Transportation up to UCSC to troll for student HUFF volunteers up at the Housing Conference on campus 5:30 PM  Kresge Town Hall where Pat Colbe and Steve Pleich (among others) will be speaking; updates on court wrangles & prospects around the Freedom Sleepers; report from the Berkeley Freedom Sleeper-like SleepOut and City Council meeting there; prospects of fighting the RV bans likely to come up at the next Santa Cruz City Council meeting; impact of the Armory opening and deepening cold weather–HUFF responses…and more