HUFF looking for Benchlands-Berkeley Connections Weather sunny but possibly cloudy. Meet at 10:45 a.m. at the Sub Rosa Courtyard

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (8-11-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting     

Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)    

      +++  Pass-Arounds, Announcements, Old Business,  Street Reports      

      +++  People’s Park Update:  Possible reports tonight (8-11)  on FRSC at 

      +++  Report from FNB/Union Monday meeting at RCNB and next week’s upcoming one.

      +++  Shitty Council’s First August meeting: the City Mangler’s Report

      +++  Help Decipher the Documents–the Coastal Commission staff has forwarded over 100 documents: Help!

      +++  Reggie’s Ruminations and McHenry’s Mumblings–Possible Phone Updates

      +++  Homeless Point-in-Time Count–Initial Reactions

      +++  Novato Homeless Union Reports Victory:

      +++  Berkeley Resistance Halts People’s Park Demolition for now:

      +++  “Safe Parking” Updates from Kevin, & Monica–Perhaps Applying for and Using the Program 

      +++  Mad Power Committee Report (if any)[CARE courts, Conservatorship threats, out-of-county deportation, Reiss protections]
      +++  Santa Rosa’s Joe Rodota Trail Encampments “relocated” :
      +++  Possible Updates from Sacramento, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael, Santa Barbara, Fresno, et. al.          
      +++  Brainstorming to stop Huffaker’s “Phased” Evictions:   Role Playing, Documenting, & Solidarity Phoning to Fight CSSO Enforcement       

August issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet NOW available–both at the meeting and at 903 Pacific (UN Association HQ)