HUFF meet Thursday 4-8-21 at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Courtyard, next to the Bike Church Resisting the Reactionary Riptide–in the Courts and on the Streets

Agenda Prospects  for Today’s Meeting
       +++ Still More Sunday 4-11 TentTabling Against TOLO (Temporary Outdoor Living Ordinance) Downtown at 2 PM

      +++ Resistance Prospects in Santa Cruz–Against TOLO, San Lorenzo Park Relocation, Sweeps:  The Upcoming Shitty Council Meeting

      +++ Further Work on Using the Coastal Commission Rules to Resist RV Repression

      +++ Will Santa Cruz County Opt in to Laura’s Law (aka “Needles on Wheels”) in July?

      +++ Update on the City and Union’s Response to the San Lorenzo Sell-Out as well as the Broader Dangers of Round-Up or Repression with the Closing of the COVID shelter-funding.

      +++ Volunteers to Probe Police Pranks: Searching the Citations (again!) 

      +++ Possibilities: Phone Updates from Salinas, Santa Barbara, and Berkeley 

      +++ Back on Board: the HUFF website– Catch the Latest Interviews Again at /

Extremely modest beverage and snacks likely there for grabbing.  New April issues of Street Spirit and Street Sheet as well as Norse flyers available.