Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 4-4-21 now archived at and netcasting 9:30 AM -3 PM Gobs of Gab Deconstructing the Modified Injunction Running off the San Lorenzo Park Survival Campers

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xxx Microanalysis and Megacommentary on 1/4th of the Modified Injunction Hearing of 3-30 last Tuesday with both Union of the Homeless Attorney Anthony Prince and City Attorneys Condotti and Bronson ‘s stuck in the confines of the proposed Condotti “move out” order.  Hear the whole grim thing without interruption at .  Full story and complete Modified Injunction at .
xxx Groans, Gripes, and Grim Stories from the few residents of the San Lorenzo Campground who gathered 3-28, but no plans proposed or accepted.  Continues from the 4-1 Show. 
xxx  A Quick Look at San Lorenzo Park After the Injunction: No Movement So Far
xxx  Fulminating at Food Not Bombs with critical voice Brent Adams on Food Not Bombs, the Injunction, and the usual promotion of “Agreement Encampments”
xxx  More Police Killings as the Media distract with the Chauvin trial in Minneapolis and we ignore local conditions in the S.C. jail and the SCPD.
xxx  4-1 HUFF meeting Awl’s San Lorenzo Resident Report, Lawwatcher Laura’s Planned Sunday TableTenting Protest & a Beleaguered Update from SC Homeless Union’s Keith McHenry
xxx  Whipped and Weary But not Walloped Wes White of the Monterey County Homeless Advocates and Bathrobespierre have an earlier look into the San Lorenzo lawsuit.

Current Ordinance No. 2021-03 amending Chapter 6.36 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code related to regulations for “temporary outdoor living” (goes into effect April 9) at

Additional Amendments likely to be considered at April 13th meeting to be added to 2021-03,
go to , view agenda item #26 listing those additional amendments.

Join the TentTable at Pacific & Soquel today April 4th at 2 PM for Resistance to TOLO, likely police sweeps , and the anti-homeless Modified Injunction.
Weather permitting, join Santa Cruz Homeless Union  weekly meeting Monday 2 PM at Front and Laurel Streets at the Food Not Bombs meal.
Check out the weekly HUFF meet  Thursday  11 AM at 703 Pacific (the Sub Rosa next to the Bike Church] for musing, masticating, and meandering on how to expose and undo anti-homeless shenangans by authorities public and private.