HUFF Meeting for Wednesday 3-11 Cancelled; Activists are Invited to the Coastal Commission Hearing on the Main Beach/Cowell Beach Ban Instead

A number of concerns has prompted me to cancel tomorrow’s HUFF meeting at the Sub Rosa Cafe.  These include: 
        (1)  a conflict with the Coastal Commission hearing where I’m presenting an argument against the City Council’s five-year ban on the Main and Cowell Beaches;   
        (2) the Sub Rosa impressario Jacine advising me he’s sick and likely won’t be able to open the area tomorrow; 
        (3) the cancellation of all of Chief Andy Mills anti-homeless 7-Point plan meetings this week;
        (4) the Corona virus scare making public meetings a tad less desirable than usual has prompted         (5) low attendance at the last few meetings which prompted a suggestion we meet every other week–as HUFF was doing before we coalesced with the now moribund Conscience and Action group, and         (6) the fact that the Coastal Commission agenda item is at an uncertain time–anytime between 9 AM and late afternoon, requiring continued presence there though I’m not too clear I’ll have the stamina.

The Coastal Commission begins its hearings in Scotts Valley at the Hilton Hotel at  9 AM at 6001 La Madrona Drive.   Wed Afternoon Coastal Commission— Defeat the 5-Year Beach Curfew 6001 La Madrona Dr. Hilton Hotel .
The item of interest to me and perhaps other HUFFsters is w22c at .  It comes up at an uncertain time–though likely after lunch sometime.  I and a number of others are claiming the 5-year ban on being present on the beach at night is another anti-homeless move, unjustified by “crime”, “nuisance”, or “littering” claims.

My latest flyer recently distributed at City Council is at (“A Double-Sided Flyer to City Council on the Homeless Health Crisis“),
–Robert Norse